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Magician’s Dream: Celebrating Love & Magic (Evening Only)


Magician’s Dream: Celebrating Love & Magic (Evening Only)

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It is a time for dreaming and for loving; it is a time for celebrating and for working magic. “You gather bringing your dreams and your love and you come to create grander dreams and greater love; you gather bringing your magic and you come to work even greater magic” ~ Lazaris

Lazaris wove discussion, myth, ritual, and meditation together to create a stunningly magical weekend. And out of these days, we found those grander dreams with vision, that greater love with mystery and mysticism, and that greater magic with precision. We did this through the grace and through the art of celebration. During this recorded Friday evening portion of the weekend, Lazaris creates a magical environment in which to prepare to not just learn of it but to literally and metaphysically experience celebration. In these few hours, Lazaris talks of The Point and Power of Dreaming and The Point and Power of Celebration. There are many functions of dreams that are familiar to us; there are other functions that are often overlooked and remain unfamiliar to us. As magicians those overlooked or unknown functions can be vital. We know how to celebrate. Well, our child and adolescent self have their views. But as spiritual adults and as magicians, celebration is more than something we do after accomplishing and succeeding. Lazaris explores how to use celebration in preparation and participation as well as in conclusion of our actions. Celebration can lift success to triumph, bounty to abundance, and transmuting and transforming can be lifted to transcending. Then Lazaris lays the foundation for Creating the Map for a Magician’s Celebration. By understanding the grades and stages of meditation/dreaming, we can create a grid and a map for discovering the grace and for developing the art of celebration. The evening concludes with a touching meditation to receive the gifts of the greater magic of dreaming and loving and the greater mystery of celebrating and working magic. A beautiful evening with Lazaris.

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Meditation: Gifts of Celebrating Love

Keywords: celebrating, celebration, dreaming, love, magic, culminating, grace

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