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Initiation of Love’s Magic: Putting Your Love into Action


Initiation of Love’s Magic: Putting Your Love into Action

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No longer technician, you have lifted your practice to craft and your craft to art. Your magic is beautiful and sensuous. It has aesthetics; it is art and you are an artisan. Yet Love’s Magic is something more; it is something beyond. ~ Lazaris

The evening begins with a brief discussion of the crisis/tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico: a clear example of why it is important for us to put our love into action. Lazaris continues to explore what Love’s Magic is and why it can be a critical part of the magic we work and of our Great Work. With it we can foster security, more pleasure, and greater honesty and vulnerability in our reality and in the world. We can lift trust, quell fear, and open a portal to understanding and knowing. We can flow more goodness, truth, and beauty into our reality and into the world surrounding us. We can lift the resonance of presence and value to an unnamed level in which miracles — the miracles we envision and the miracles that we cannot yet imagine — can flow into our world. With Love’s Magic, the dreams we weave and the visions we make can more elegantly become the reality we live. Lazaris creates a map as he describes Accepting the Mantle of Love’s Magic, the evening’s powerful ritual/meditation.

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Meditation: Accepting the Mantle of Love’s Magic

Keywords: Love; Mantle; Love's Magic; Great Work; Global Magic

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