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Embracing Your Legacy of Love


Embracing Your Legacy of Love

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Our personal legacy of love defines so many of our relationships in life. That it defines our loving relationships seems obvious. But our legacy of love says so much in defining our relationship with success and happiness, for example. Its voice speaks loudly in defining our relationships with magic, with freedom, and in defining our overall relationship with living a rewarding and meaningful life. During this powerful evening workshop, Lazaris explored the seven components – the seven benefactors – that contribute to our legacy of love. From our biological heritage (the yoke we accept) to our spiritual heritage (the mantle we denied), there are the following components: Childhood Twisted Love, Adolescent Fantasy Love, the Wounded Soul, and then the Grown-Up Manipulative Love and the Matured Abandonment Love. Lazaris further explored how our legacy of love sets the dimension of love in our lives and how it alters our patterns of living life. The legacy we received from our personal benefactors can be changed so that the legacy that we live and that we then give to our future can be more positive and more productive. Lazaris offered means for transmuting and transforming the energies and forces of our legacy received so that our legacy lived and given can be so much more. He then focused on four distinct ways of involving our new legacy of love in the working of magic and in the living of a rewarding and meaningful life. The recording includes an incredible meditation.

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Meditation: Carrying Your Legacy of Love Into the Heart of Mystery

Keywords: legacy, love, twisted love, fantasy love, death of love, manipulative love, abandonment love

Price: $24.95

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