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Daring to Be Free: Igniting the Fires of Personal Freedom


Daring to Be Free: Igniting the Fires of Personal Freedom

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To ignite the fires of personal freedom – to dare … to dare to be free – it begins with understanding both what it is to have freedom and what it is to be free. It continues with slipping into the Mystery of Freedom and by entering its depths. From those depths you can touch and be touched by – you can embrace and be embraced by – Freedom’s Power and Freedom’s Magic. ~ Lazaris
And so begins the quest. During this intriguing and magical evening, we work with the familiar possibilities and capacities of having freedom and then we place these into a matrix — a process for having freedom. Within that matrix, our resistances can be revealed, and we can begin to discover pathways for entering the mystery of freedom. We can find its power and its magic, we can truly dare to be free.

The discussion continues into uncharted territory as Lazaris discusses what it means to be free – not just to “have it, ” but to be free. Being free involves learning to be spontaneous with our creating, giving, and loving, untainted by compulsion, coercion, or control — untouched, independent of duty, obligation, and arbitrary rule — gracious as we define ourselves by the guidelines of our soul and spirit and higher self. As beautiful and as powerful as it is, as alluring as it is to be free, we have resistances: lacking depth and breadth of soul and spirit, lacking yardsticks of happiness and yardsticks of passion, and lacking conscious focus are a few. This exploration ends with techniques to overcome our resistances and then to discover what it personally means to be free. We can dare; we can dare to be free. (Includes the meditation: Igniting the Fires of Personal Freedom)

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Meditation: Igniting the Fires of Personal Freedom

Keywords: freedom, being free, list of passions, priorities list for happiness

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