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Daring the Gate of the Forgotten (audio)


Daring the Gate of the Forgotten (audio)

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From: The Beauty of Bali: Lost in the Allure of Remembering Your Ancestry

In this esoteric ritual, we enter the deep stillness of the night and realize we have lost our way. As we wander in the forest, we end up in the Land of the Dead … and ultimately, in the Land of the Forgotten. People are remembered in the Land of the Dead; they are still loved … being in the Land of Forgotten is different, and brings with it a tortuous agony: Who we have been and all we have done — the failures, the successes, the fears, the friends — all of it starts to fall away. The primal fear of being abandoned and forever lonely haunts us. The pain of being forgotten is unspeakable. Just as we begin to lose all hope, a tiny speck of light appears and surrounds us, catches us before we fall too far into our despair, and we are guided to the Gates of the Forgotten. And there, we remember: Remember separating from the Goddess, turning away from Her, choosing to forget … and we also remember the excruciating pain it caused Her. In our sorrow, we deepen our covenant with the Goddess: Our promise to Her to return Home. An intensely emotional experience that can transform us forever.

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Meditation: Daring the Gate of the Forgotten

Keywords: Bali, Goddess, Coming Home

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