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Activating Our True Core of Power: Love and Will


Activating Our True Core of Power: Love and Will

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We stand upon a pinnacle . . . our pinnacle . . . and we will move. The siren’s call of the past and fear’s call of the present can overshadow the voice of hope and opportunity coming from the future. Decision and choice are not enough: We need something mysterious and mystical that can be magical and miraculous. Our true core power can be that “something.” As well, it is the initial cornerstone of a new kind of empowerment built upon a new foundation of permission and authority. During this lively evening Lazaris explores the paradox of love and will whose resolution is so critical to the success and happiness we want to create. He reviews the contribution that love makes . . . its mystery and mysticism. He focuses on the magic of will: Why we know so little of will; what are the four kinds of will; where we can find our True Will; the contribution that will makes . . . its mystery and mysticism. Lazaris offers us an array of techniques: “Faces of Love-Spaces of Will, ” “Ebb & Flow of Will and Love” (When love says “yes” and will says “no.”), “Guides to True Will” (Painter, Poet, Musician, Philosopher), and “The Elixir of Love & Will.” Meditation included: “Gathering in the Mists of Love and Will”.

Lazaris discusses spontaneous lucid dreaming – the kind we all can read about in the few books available within the consensus reality. He crosses the threshold of determined lucid dreaming into the unexplored realm of directed lucid dreams. He then explores what lucid dreaming can mean to living our dreams, to accelerating our growing and changing, to working with our love and will, and to the revelation of the mysteries of life. Lucid dreaming is much more than being conscious that we are dreaming; it can be a cornerstone in our new foundation of empowerment. Includes several techniques: Beds of Lucidity, Lemurian Dreamer, Calling the Dream Keepers. Additionally, it includes instructions for making a Dream Machine and a Mobile of Dreams. Lazaris takes us on a meditation- Opening the Night’s Labyrinth — in which he and our Higher Self work upon our brain and neural pathways. We can open to the secrets still locked in the night. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Meditation: Gathering in the Mists of Love and Will

Keywords: Gathering in the Mists of Love

Price: $24.95

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