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The Goddess Part I: Preparing to Meet the Goddess


The Goddess Part I: Preparing to Meet the Goddess

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Lazaris had created two recordings designed to begin to open us to the experience of the Goddess. Our covert and overt religious background, whether derived from traditional Western or Eastern thought is polluted with the dominance of male energy as symbolized by the God energy. This dominance has been further augmented by the systematic suppression of the influence and power of the feminine energy as symbolized by the Goddess. As we begin our spiritual journey to create a living, breathing, embracing relationship with All That is, we confront our old pictures of religion, and we also confront the very concept of the existence of the Goddess. As the New Age emerges, so the Goddess steps forth from the fog of our prejudice and misinformation. The GoddessSeries is both for women and for men. – there are special instructions (c) 1985; NPN Publishing, Inc.

Instructions for recording A: Preparation: Mentally/Emotionally

Listen to recording A as often as necessary (at lease seven time) before listening to recording B. In this tape you will tune and tone yourself to become both mentally and emotionally ready to proceed. You will uncover certain “objections” you have to eventually meeting the Goddess. The number and the intensity of these will vary with each person, so work with this tape as often as necessary until you are ready to move on.

Instructions for recording B: Preparation: Meeting Your Anima

After you have completed recording A, begin working with this recording. After you have worked four times with recording B, return to recording A. Listen to recording A four times and then work again with Meeting Your Anima. Work back and forth between recording A and B until you have established a confident and solid rapport with your Anima.

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Keywords: Goddess, Coming Home, Divinity, All That Is, feminine energy

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