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New Strategies to Optimize Success


New Strategies to Optimize Success

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This is a recording we will listen to time and time again. We can hear a new depth and we can find a deeper meaning each time. Lazaris lays the backdrop for this vitally important discussion by talking of why we need a new strategy to create optimum success. He speaks of the Great Awakening, access to ports of greater happiness and greater knowing as well as access to the ports of transcendence and metamorphosis. He talks of the information revolution we are currently in and how we could become overwhelmed and overrun with information without new strategies. And it is a time of grand opportunity. From this backdrop, Lazaris talks of creating an environment to attract optimum success by working with our current Strategy for Success and by developing a living relationship with success – a fascinating concept that can yield untold results. Once we have an environment to attract the optimum, we need to create specific “Attractors” to place within that environment. Intensity-Intimacy, Elegance-Enthusiasm, Trust-Partnership, and the Complexity of Wisdom play key roles. Lazaris then turns his attention and his love upon the specifics of new strategies: Celebration-Triumph, Co-Creating with Crystals, and Archetypal Guidance are names – labels – for some of the techniques Lazaris brings to life and teaches us. Developing Fortune and working with the Unknown form the foundation for our new strategies. It is a thrilling discussion. One that you will not want to miss and one that you will want to listen to time and again.

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Meditation: Artful

Keywords: Optimal, Optimum, Optimize, “Formula for Success”, Success, Environment, “Relationship with Success”, Wisdom, Attractors, Celebration, Triumph, Crystals, Fortune, Success Cube, Archetypes, Shielding, Protection

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