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Awakening the Splendor of Winning and the Luster of Fun


Awakening the Splendor of Winning and the Luster of Fun

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Winning is more than succeeding. Winning sparks imagination; it elevates love. It brings greater joy; it brings peace. From the familiar to the unmatched, there is splendor in it.” –   Lazaris

This evening’s discussion begins with an exploration of what winning involves. From being anchored and grounded to knowing how to celebrate both success and failure, we can discover the common denominators among those who continually win at living life. Once the foundation is laid, Lazaris reviews our resistance, our resistance to winning, to happiness, and to having fun. There is a specific map that we can follow to awaken the splendor. We can reaffirm and re-establish being the winner in our own lives, and we can stir a more powerful and more profound magic found in the brilliance, in the luster, of winning and of having fun. Following this map, we can awaken our own splendor and be the beneficiaries of our individual majesty and magnificence, of our personal greatness, and of the noble and honorable within us. We can come alive with the unrealized of wisdom, intimacy, passion, and inspiration. And through it all we can discover the wonder and the magic of mattering. It’s a delightful evening. Meditation included.

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Keywords: Winning, Fun, Splendor, Luster, Personal Greatness, Mattering, Success, Failure

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