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Coming Home: Seeking God/Goddess/All That Is … Finding the Splendor of Your Self (Evening Only)


Coming Home: Seeking God/Goddess/All That Is … Finding the Splendor of Your Self (Evening Only)

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Illumination . . . It’s such a beautiful word, lyrical and poetic . . . It seems such a comforting word . . . Illumination. ~ Lazaris

This evening’s discussion, the first part of a phenomenal journey into the light, begins with a brief review of the year that for many, too many, was a treacherous one. Though we witnessed or experienced treachery and tragedy, we did not allow that darkness to overshadow the light. We learned to listen to the voices of illumination; more than listen, we learned to hear and to respond. And now we turn to Coming Home. Now we turn to seeking God / Goddess / All That Is with greater resolve and greater light. And what do we find? We can discover the splendor; we can discover the splendor of ourselves.

Lazaris explores why discovering the splendor can be valuable: It can be a precision tool for a magician; its shimmer and luster can change the very nature of our choosing, loving, healing, and transcending. Conscious of the touch of splendor – the touch of our splendor – our magic can become unparalleled, unprecedented, unequaled, and without compromise. We can be as a lantern, bringing the light of loving and healing into the darkness.

From a solid foundation of understanding, Lazaris laid out the map. With loving clarity and delightful humor, Lazaris detailed each step of the Culminating Journey of Illumination. The evening concluded with a powerful meditation to open the gateway so we could stand in the domain or the resonance of Coming Home, so we could step up, stand tall, and hear the music: Coming Home.

As the remaining days of this amazing weekend unfolded, Lazaris guided us with a bit of magic and a lot of love as we experienced the search and as we found our splendor. This evening is not the whole of the weekend, but it offers us the map and the gems of this culminating weekend so that we can remember and reunite . . . so that we can again be touched by our own splendor.

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Meditation: Quest to Hear the Music

Keywords: Coming Home; splendor; luster; personal greatness; majesty

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