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Spiritual Mastery: The Journey Begins (video)


Spiritual Mastery: The Journey Begins (video)

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Laid out as a three-tiered pattern of the 22 energies of the Greater Arcana of the Tarot, the journey of Spiritual Mastery is an amazing metaphysical pathway that takes us from the magical newness of the Fool who stands on the brink of new possibility to the mastery of “The World.” But we are only half through, for then the journey is taken in reverse, completing the cycle. Lazaris’ discussion of the Tree of Life of the Qabbalah is fascinating, as is his history of the Tarot as having been known even in Atlantinean times. An intricate journey in all its fullness and power, Lazaris concludes with an incredible meditation to move through the complete cycle. 2 hours…

Audio Sample

Meditation: Greater Arcana Meditation

Keywords: Tarot, Major Arcana, Negative Ego, Qabbalah, Co-Creation, "Jump to the Seventh" Tarot Technique

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