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Overcoming Fear of Success (video)


Overcoming Fear of Success (video)

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As much as we fear failure, we fear success more, and this tape is about healing that fear — whether it be a fear of happiness, a fear that it will be “lonely at the top, ” or a fear that visibility will leave us vulnerable to hurt and humiliation, betrayal, and usury. Our family loyalties — our contracts never to be more successful than our parents and our siblings — stand as guardians keeping success out. And finally, our sense of undeservability — generated perhaps from arrogance, perhaps from deep, buried secrets — haunts us and makes us retreat. Lazaris outlines a seven-step process using journal work and meditation to heal the secrets and gain the self-love that gives us the permission to succeed. With a meditation for overcoming the fear. 2 hours…

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Meditation: Overcoming Fear of Success Meditation

Keywords: Success, Beliefs, Family Loyalty, Fear of Success, Fear of Happiness, Fear of Responsibility, Fear of Visibility, Betrayal, Usury, Boredom, Loneliness, Deservability

Price: $24.95

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