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Listening to the Whispers (video)


Listening to the Whispers (video)

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Lazaris has often said, “If you listen to the whispers, you won’t have to hear the shouts.” This recording is about becoming inwardly aware of the “whispers” being given to us — by our health, by our success ratios and abundance levels, by our relationship to things, by the night dreams and day dreams we have, by our relationships with people, and by the global reality – for all are harbingers with a message. If we listen to the whispers, a negative reality can transform before it can manifest. Lazaris gives us journal techniques, a “First Thing” technique, and guidelines for developing love and confidence to create a smoother, more positive reality by listening to the whispers. The Valley of the Echoes Meditation helps us hear them. 2 hours…

Audio Sample

Meditation: Valley of the Echoes Meditation (Listening to the Whispers)

Keywords: Whispers, Shouts, Confidence, Subconscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, Higher Self, Health, Night Dreams, Journal Work, "First Thing" Technique

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