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Developing Self-Confidence II (audio)


Developing Self-Confidence II (audio)

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What God / Goddess / All That Is promised us was dominion — a friendly world of future-oriented co-creation. They promised us the ability to consciously create our reality, to be happy, to always be all that we are. This Spiritual Promise was supplanted by a “Grand Promise” of science and technology which promised domination, an unlimited exploitation of nature, and a license to do anything we liked without responsibility — rather than to be everything we could be. The failure of this “Grand Promise” led to a massive breach of confidence that affects us to this day. This recording is about shifting from a World of Domination back into the World of Dominion and the fulfillment of the Spiritual Promise in our individual lives. With several powerful techniques and meditation to heal our confidence. 2 hours.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Self-Confidence Meditation

Keywords: Self-Confidence, Spiritual Promise, Grand Promise, Winner / Loser Technique, Fear of Loneliness, Fear Choices, Dominion, Domination

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