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Developing a Relationship with Your Higher Self (video)


Developing a Relationship with Your Higher Self (video)

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In the seven-step Evolution of Consciousness, the pivotal point comes when we begin our relationship with our Higher Self. Lazaris offers a panoramic view of consciousness, mapping the Higher Self schematically and emotionally. He touches on the ways of becoming more conscious — by developing personal excellence, by dying to the past and living the future, by sacrificing struggle and learning to value ourselves — which lead to a deeper relationship with our Higher Self. This remarkable tape also illuminates the functioning of the subconscious, unconscious and conscious minds, both personally and in human evolution.The meditation is a beautiful journey to touch the Higher Self in its most real, abstract form. 2 hours…

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Meditation: Higher Self Meditation

Keywords: Higher Self, Evolution of Consciousness, Personal Excellence, Struggle, the Past, Guru / Master Stage, UFO "Followers", Responsibility, The New Age

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