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The Lazaris Legacy Series: Harmonic Convergence


The Lazaris Legacy Series: Harmonic Convergence

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If you will come together in harmony, if you will put aside your differences — not entirely but at least for a time — if you will come together as one, to harmonically converge your energies, you can begin a momentum of energy that can send a ripple out throughout all the cosmos that will change the future. ~ Lazaris

Harmonic Convergence was an event like no other. Over two evenings, August 16th and 17th, 1987, more than two thousand magicians set in motion magical workings that would unfold over the next many decades, and that continue to unfold. The discussion is profoundly relevant today as Lazaris discusses the importance of dreaming a future of dreams despite the fact that many in our consensus reality will claim there are no solutions to our world’s problems or that the solution involves combatting anyone who has an opposing point of view.

At one point during the Ritual of Emergence meditation, Lazaris asked magicians to stand and raise their voices together with certain statements about their intentions for the world. That meditation was recorded, and in your own time and space, you too can raise your voice with those magicians who were physically present at the event. Also included is a Throwing Futures meditation, so powerful for our world at any time, but especially now, when the world so desperately needs our magic. As Lazaris described: What you have done here tonight has put into motion a future that can no longer be denied. ~ Lazaris

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