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Shop : Lazaris Series : Special Moments with Lazaris : Valley of the Giants, A View of the Archetypes

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Valley of the Giants, A View of the Archetypes


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Valley of the Giants, A View of the Archetypes

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Excerpts from Living Your Vision – Vital Keys to Greater Happiness, Success and Joy, Los Angeles Intensive, June, 1995

The Valley of Giants from space/time — a metaphor — is a place far more real than anything in our illusion. There the Archetypes, those “formless forms, “reside as grand receptors and vortices of energy that is coming into formation. To enter the realm of the Archetypes one must come as a spiritual adult and with Higher Self or Soul — never entering alone, as we need our Higher Self or Soul to translate the truer meaning of what the Archetypes say and to grant their decision for any exchange of gifts. The magic and mystery of the Archetypes is intense, and the creations and manifestations we conjure with them can be immense.

Time: 31:35

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Keywords: Atlantis, Atlantean Magic, Excerpts, Vision

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