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Personal Power + Power & Dominion


Personal Power + Power & Dominion

Product #306


We are always growing, and as we grow and change, we need to increase our personal power. We also need to be sure we are operating with dominion, which allows for a true, vital spirituality — rather than domination, which robs us of our spiritual journey Home. This set of meditations increases power and dominion in balance with one another. This is an empowering set of meditations that is exhilarating in its experience of sheer positive power.

Work with the Personal Power until you feel comfortable and confident that you are in touch with your personal power. Subsequently, use this title when you feel lapses in awareness of your own personal power.

In this meditation, there is a reference to a power object. Visualize a power object you already have or let yourself be shown a new one in meditation.

Once you feel comfortable and confident that you are in touch with your personal power, move to Power and Dominion. This recording will not make sense, nor will it work effectively, unless you have already worked with  Personal Power.

It is important to remain awake when using the Power and Dominion, so plan accordingly when to use it.

This series can be used in conjunction with the title The Power of Dominion and/or with the title Personal Power and Beyond.

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Meditation: Personal Power Meditation / Power

Keywords: Power, Dominion

Price: $29.95

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