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The Tree of Love Meditation


The Tree of Love Meditation

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This is a truly magical meditation for healing what stands in the way of love. We wander aimlessly in a forest and then suddenly find a magnificent tree guarded by a Silent Sentinel. Within this Tree of love, we encounter a woman with the head of a lion and a golden disk behind her, a man/woman with the head of a bird, a person who is part reptile, and one who is part man-part beast. One of them holds a paper that contains a magical hieroglyph, and this one becomes our doorway into the vast realm within the Tree. What follows is a beautiful, mystical meditation that is particularly good to do if you’re confused or in self-doubt. From the weekend seminar Seven Rituals To Create More Love in Your Life (90 minutes). Letting More Love into Your LifeSeries, #3.

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Meditation: Tree of Love Meditation

Keywords: Confusion, Healing, Receiving love, Keepers of Love, Keepers of Life, Form, Function, Essence

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