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The Igniting the Essence Meditation


The Igniting the Essence Meditation

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Lazaris begins this meditation with a serpentine trip through the first seven chakras to the 9th chakra — the Etheric Chakra. There we find a magical doorway that becomes a gateway that leads past form, function, energy to the Essence of Love. Along the way, forms of love abound: physical forms, pictures from childhood. Then the functions of love appear, and then our beliefs become clear. It can be an amazing journey. Within the Essence of Love … fires burn and transform … and we receive a gift … a magical gift to be opened only when we know it is appropriate. Lazaris suggests The Mysterious Power of Chakras and Power of our Chakras: Removing Blockages to Our Success for deepening our work with chakras. This meditation is from the weekend seminarSeven Rituals To Create More Love in Your Life. (90 minutes) Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #7

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Meditation: Igniting the Essence of Love Meditation

Keywords: Chakras, Etheric Body, Etheric Realm, Love

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