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The Double-Tetrahedron Technique & Meditation


The Double-Tetrahedron Technique & Meditation

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The Triangle of Divinity and the Triangle of Humanity merge. In balance, they form a six-pointed star. In extension, they form a teleportation machine: the double-tetrahedron. Lazaris begins this tape with a fascinating discussion of multi-dimensional beings who use the double-tetrahedron to warp space and time and of the Lemurians who teleported from the forest floor to the towering Crystal Cities. This tape teaches a spiritual form of teleportation in which we enter the double-tetrahedron in meditation, carrying with us baggage we have processed and now want to discard — martyrhood, ego, self-pity, our fortress, our bottom line. As the geometric spins and rotates it disintegrates, and we can release all the negativity we want. Then we rematerialize free of our encumbrances and find our way back to the arms of our Higher Self. This meditation is from the Sirius Connection and Ultraconsciousness seminars.(60 minutes) Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #8

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Meditation: The Double-Tetrahedron Technique Meditation

Keywords: Double-Tetrahedron Technique, triangle of divinity

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