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The Circle of Love Meditation


The Circle of Love Meditation

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Letting More Love into Your Life can mean new people, or a deeper relationship with those you already love — or it may mean that everything already there takes on a new glow and emanates a higher resonance. This meditation is a filling, a fueling, a changing, and shifting of resonance — an expansion. This ritual deals in many ways with the foundation of love, and works very specifically to deepen the love and relationship between you and your Higher Self and your counselors. You draw a circle upon the ground, you and your Unseen Friends take your places around the circle and begin to talk of the seven Qualities of Love. A magical experience that grows more magical as the dance continues. It is a deceptively simple meditation that has an extraordinary depth and wealth, and it results in new levels of the awe and wonder of love. This ritual meditation is particularly helpful when you are very frustrated or feeling disappointed in yourself (these are times when the very foundation of your love is rocked). From the weekend seminar Seven Rituals To Create More Love in Your Life. (90 minutes) Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #4

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Meditation: Circle of Love Meditation

Keywords: Love, Higher Self, Counselors, Guardian Angels, Guides, Qualities of Love, Leaning upon the Love

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