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Circle of Forgiveness Meditation


Circle of Forgiveness Meditation

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The Circle of Forgiveness is a most magical place, a most mystical experience that can open you to the most wonderful of miracles: More love in your life. ~ Lazaris

Lazaris has often spoken of the power of forgiveness as well as its importance. When we won’t forgive either ourselves or others, we become imprisoned and it can hinder our growth as well as our ability to receive more love in our lives. Unattended, a lack of forgiveness can lock painful patterns in place. When we forgive, we can find a newfound freedom.

This particular release is a ritual excerpted from the workshop Seven Rituals to Create More Love in your Life, and focuses upon forgiving another. Lazaris guides us through the ritual in the depths of meditation where we can vent the feelings we need to in order to create space to forgive and “walk the round” in this mystical process. As Lazaris has so powerfully expressed: When you can forgive yourself for your past you can turn toward the future. We do not speak in hyperbole when we talk of the magic of forgiveness.


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