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Shop : Lazaris Series : Letting More Love into Your Life : Accessing the Incredible Force of Love

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Accessing the Incredible Force of Love


Accessing the Incredible Force of Love

Product #525


The Great Work: Applying the Spiritual Alchemy of tapping into the force of love to create all kinds of miracles and to access whole new realities. Lazaris begins with a fascinating discussion of the force fields that surround the various kinds of love. Love is more than an emotion or a state of mind: It is a force with a resonance more powerful than we can know. Within the many force fields, there is one that is truly a gift from God / Goddess / All That is. Lazaris helps us through teaching and experience to touch this unique force field. As we touch, so we are touched. We can understand and free ourselves of the Negative Matrix that holds many of our obstacles. Lazaris includes exploration of the Underworld and the Causal Plane in our programming as we incorporate not only the love we feel but incorporate the very force — raw and mighty — of love itself. Profound meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Meditation: The Incredible Force of Love Meditation

Keywords: Loving, "Magic in the Telling", Field of Force, The Great Work, Alchemy, Dark Shield, Dark Matrix, Bottom Line, Dark Law, Mysterious Tragedy

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