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Shop : Lazaris Series : Lazaris and Peny : Evening with Lazaris & Peny (April, 1991, Palm Beach)

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Evening with Lazaris & Peny (April, 1991, Palm Beach)


Evening with Lazaris & Peny (April, 1991, Palm Beach)

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Topics: A discussion of the Persian Gulf War as a Crisis of Power and a Crisis of Character. Dealing with child abuse, racism and male chauvinism. The nature of the Astral Plane. Empowerment. Listening to the Whispers. Devic Kingdom and its knowledge of the earth and what it can provide. UFO experiences. Evenings with Lazaris & Peny are famous for their love, laughter, joy, straight talk, and the delightful sense of love and intimacy between Lazaris and Peny. During the seven evenings and one “At Home” that they have done, they have covered a myriad of fascinating topics from the most arcane (Eternal Intimacy and Elves and Faeries) to the most mundane (chocolate). They are a joy.

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Keywords: Persian Gulf War, Crisis of Character, Racism, Chauvinism, Child Abuse, Devic Kingdom, UFOs, Beliefs, Astral Plane

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