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Allowing Chaos to Become Your Ally (Free)


Allowing Chaos to Become Your Ally (Free)

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Make the maps, Mapmaker, of how to embrace chaos. You are in the right place at the right time. ~ Lazaris

Chaos holds an important role in our world. It precedes and follows monumental change and can help bring in new changes, new directions, and new opportunities. Yet too often, it is difficult for many to imagine chaos as anything but dark and destructive. In this illuminating excerpt from the PPV Lazaris Responds to Questions from the Community, Part 2, Lazaris illuminates how we can rise above our automatic responses to chaos in order to find the treasures within, and how, if we enter chaos instead of running from it, we can find the light within it and allow it to become an ally in our lives.

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Keywords: Chaos, Change

Price: FREE

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