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The Story of Atlantis


The Story of Atlantis

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Excerpts from Atlantean Magic – Guide to a Joyous Future, San Francisco Intensive, September, 1999

It is a land lost, but never forgotten. Even mention of the word Atlantis conjures a lingering, vague knowing of that distant land that remains alive within each of us. Lazaris tells the story, as only Lazaris can, with details of daily life, a description of the land, the times, and the temperament, and gives us an outline of the rise and fall of spirituality. He includes an overview of technology, the role of crystals, and the flow of magic among the people and throughout the land. From primitive tribes to technologically advanced mega-cities, Atlantis, with its three distinct civilizations, was”the second experiment” after Lemuria slipped into the mists from whence it came. This is a delightful, poignant, and thought-provoking exploration. 1hour, 50 minutes

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Keywords: Atlantis, Atlantean Magic, Excerpts, Vision

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