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Activating the Magics: Metamorphosis


Activating the Magics: Metamorphosis

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(Excerpt from Lazaris Long Weekend Workshop: “Activating the Magics: Transcendence & Metamorphosis, ” Orlando, FL.) This intimate and insightful discussion by Lazaris is a gem. He begins by describing what metamorphosis is, using the analogy of evolution of caterpillar to butterfly. Then he shows us how we can enter and move through our personal “larva, pupa, and imago” stages, emerging not just a “better person, ” but emerging a “different kind of person.”We come to understand the potentials for working metamorphosis magic in our reality and in our world to create not just a “better past” but a “new kind of future.” Thought-provoking and inspiring, this is a discussion we will listen to over and over again. Each time, we can hear something more and garner greater insight, more powerful magic, and greater success in our lives. This tape (and “Activating the Magics: Transcendence as Part of Daily Life”) is a wonderful review for those who participated with Lazaris during that long weekend, and a wonderful guide for those who could not be there. There is no meditation in this excerpt.

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Keywords: Metamorphosis, Larva, Pupa, Imago, Neurotransmitters, Neuroreceptors, “Activating Magics”

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