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Receiving Clearer, More Helpful Answers in Meditation


Receiving Clearer, More Helpful Answers in Meditation

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Part of bringing more magic from the meditative state into the physical illusion is empowering the meditative state itself so that the answers we receive there are ones we can trust — answers not contaminated with the negative residues lodged in our brains and in our hearts — answers vibrant with a clarity that is a gift from our Higher Self. Lazaris’ beautiful overview of the attainment of new clarity is followed by four meditations that flush the brain and empty the heart of negativity, that engage the beauty of the ocean to wash away blockages, and ones with your Higher Self to increase clarity and to use that new clarity in visualizations for greater success. (30 minutes) Lazaris also recommends these four recordings: Getting More Magic Out of Your Meditations; Awakening Your Brain; Opening the Magic Door; and Busting & Building Ego.

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Meditation: Self-Guided Meditations: Flushing the Brain, Emptying the Heart, Gifts of Clarity from Higher Self (Ocean Meditation)

Keywords: Meditation, Emptying the Heart, Flushing the Brain, Clarity, Negative Ego

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