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Getting More Magic Out of Your Meditations


Getting More Magic Out of Your Meditations

Product #7000


When we are in meditation, we are sure, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that we can create magic — that we can create unlimited joy and success. Then we exit to a world with only bits of magic in it, for we have left most of the magic inside the meditation. The purpose of this recording is to make sure that when we exit the meditation, we bring much more magic out of it than we normally do. Lazaris works in four phases with a Magical Fire Technique, a Bubbles of Light Technique that employs intricate color work, and finally a Blending in which Lazaris makes subtle adjustments to help us allow more magic to get OUT of our meditations — and into our reality. A fascinating release with delightfully engaging techniques, and powerful results (30 minutes). Lazaris Also Recommends: Living Magically Every Day; High Energy/Enthusiasm; Productivity/Impeccability; and Beyond the Threshold/Editing theFilm.

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Meditation: Blending with Lazaris

Keywords: ubbles of Light, Embracing the Magic, Magical Fire Technique, Generating

Price: $9.95

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