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Shop : Lazaris Series : Blendings with Lazaris : A Lazaris Blending: Self-Acceptance: Owning Your Beauty and Your Place in the Great Work

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A Lazaris Blending: Self-Acceptance: Owning Your Beauty and Your Place in the Great Work


A Lazaris Blending: Self-Acceptance: Owning Your Beauty and Your Place in the Great Work

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In the flurry of your life and of the world around you, it’s time to find your solitude. ~ Lazaris

When the serpents dance, the stones will sing. Within a mysterious metaphor, the search for oneness will begin. Be still. Rest. Pause. In the solitude and seclusion of your repose, you can awaken beauty and ecstasy. You can touch and be touched by dominion and divinity.
Within this depth of self, you can awaken your love of life and you can spark your love for living it. You can respond to something greater than your current resistance or present burdens. You can return to your promise.

You can return to your promise.

Then your serpents of wisdom can dance and your stones of knowing will sing. In the movement and the melody, light lifts and shines upon the truths — your truths — within. Allow that light. Let your serpents dance. Allow your stones to sing. Your search for oneness, and for so much more, can begin.
~ Lazaris
Underlying Truth, 1999, The Year of Oneness


This beautifully quiet blending, full of peace and stillness, is so powerful. As you let go and drift into a peaceful state, Lazaris plants seeds … seeds of joy, peace, exhilaration, serenity, majesty, wonder, inspiration, enchantment, ecstasy, hope, expectation … and yes, of love. From this space of oneness, you can drift and be fully free to soar. What a gift to be carefree, free of woe, care, doubt, worry, fear … and what bliss. You can fully accept yourself. In a sacred, transcendent moment of oneness, you can fully accept yourself. You can “follow the light” and feel the divinity everywhere, including in yourself. And you can allow that light to illuminate your beauty and also your place in the Great Work and in the grand plan of planetary and global healing. You can allow the light to heal, restore, and renew … and to illuminate your journey Coming Home. In a moment of beauty, you can allow yourself to be forever changed.

from December 2017, The Year of Valuation


Music Credits:
Inocente, Alan Kaplan, Love Moods: Deep Passion

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Keywords: Beauty, Great Work, Oneness, Solitude, Rods of Light technique

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