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Shop : Lazaris Series : Blendings with Lazaris : A Lazaris Blending: Restoring and Renewing Yourself and Your Magic

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A Lazaris Blending: Restoring and Renewing Yourself and Your Magic


A Lazaris Blending: Restoring and Renewing Yourself and Your Magic

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Be who you are … be who you know yourself to be. Be more than you know. Be more than you are. ~ Lazaris

Eagerly or reluctantly, everyone seeks … everyone seeks oneness, though such pursuit draws each in mysterious, diverse, and ever-changing directions. Everyone seeks oneness, though many settle for the reverie of intoning the word, while others claim contentment in the inspiration of an idea held as ideal just beyond their grasp.

And then there are those who somehow cannot settle or be content with the word and its ideal. They want to breathe it, touch it, and be awash with it. They want to ground oneness in their being — not to possess it, not to imprison it — but to ground it, making oneness a part of who they are and a part of who they are becoming.

Open to your vulnerabilities, both weak and strong. Acknowledge and forgive the former. Expose and accept the latter. Align with yourself, and with your Higher Self, and with your soul. Connect to nature and her spirits and open to the between of everything. Open, align, connect. Gather your body as one. Be wise. Ready yourself. Open to your alliances. Align with your gateways and portals. Connect to the protection and guidance of the grandmothers and grandfathers of your tradition. Connect with the protection and guidance of your unseen friends.

Oneness awakens. It calls you. Follow. Find the mystery, diversity, and fluidity waiting beyond the word, beyond an ideal. Be off now. Explore.
~ Lazaris Underlying Truth, 1999, The Year of Oneness

It’s time to restore and renew the masterful magician that you are and to restore and renew your magic. Those who you love and those who value you need you, magicians throughout the world need, and yes, the world also needs you now. In this restorative time, as you open to Lazaris and allow yourself to be seen, you can confide in Lazaris … talk about your shortcomings, but also talk about your strength and beauty … admittedly, harder to own but still important to express. As you open to both, you can lean and align, not only on and with Lazaris but with the Spirit of Nature and to God / Goddess / All That Is … to the Goddess … and you can own and admit: Who are you, really? As Lazaris outlines some various life callings he has spoken of (Dreamer, Dreamweaver, Teacher, Healer, to name but a few), it can help you discover more of your own depth and direction as you restore and balance. A time of boundless change and healing.

from August 2017, The Year of Valuation

Music Credits:
Somewhere Space, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 13
Breaking Free, Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 6

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Keywords: Blending, Soul, God/Goddess/All That Is

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