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Shop : Lazaris Series : Blendings with Lazaris : A Lazaris Blending: Infusing Dreams and Desires with Self-Acceptance

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A Lazaris Blending: Infusing Dreams and Desires with Self-Acceptance


A Lazaris Blending: Infusing Dreams and Desires with Self-Acceptance

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Do not diminish the wonder and bounty of power and success, but know that neither the wonder and bounty nor the power and success are enough. Though they can motivate and stimulate, it is self-acceptance that allows transcendence. With self-acceptance you can reach the core of fear and the rare heights of love. You can drop the deadwood, set yourself free, give flight to your spirit, and pursue the beauty. You can learn from paradox and confusion and become free of old patterns and free from the past. Then you can truly reap the wonder and bounty; you can truly enjoy the power and success of who you really are.
~ Lazaris
Underlying Truth, 1994, The Year of Commitment

As much as you know of personal power, and as much success as you have experienced, there is always more. One of the keys: Acceptance. Can you accept your own beauty, strength and power? Can you allow yourself to be who you truly are? In this blending, you can come together with Lazaris in a moment that can be forever … never beginning, never ending … an eternal moment, filled with exquisite love. From this space, speak of your dreams and desires, and let them be infused with wonder and bounty. Speak of your hopes, and allow Lazaris to align them with the luminous hopes of your soul. You are never alone … allow yourself to lean upon the love that surrounds you … upon your soul, Higher Self … and upon the Goddess.

from February 2018, The Year of Acceptance

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Keywords: Luminous Hope, Personal Power, Dreams, Success

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