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A Lazaris Blending: Finding Your Pathway of Grace


A Lazaris Blending: Finding Your Pathway of Grace

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When you move with Grace, where can you move? Into your future dreams … into your new world. ~ Lazaris

Lazaris has so often said that a moment can be eternal, can last forever. In this blending, we enter the stillness deep within and pause for that moment … that moment of change, that moment of healing, that moment that can change everything forever. In this transcendent blending, we can receive help from Lazaris, our Higher Selves and our Souls in order to activate understanding and to illuminate our pathway of Grace. We can receive healing in order to move beyond our individual pinnacles with Grace. If we will but ask, so much healing can happen between and beyond the words … it’s magic.

from June 2019, The Year of Grace

Music Credits:

Mother Earth Instrumental, Martin Salzwedel/Taato Gomez, Mother Earth Instrumental [CD]

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Keywords: Pause, Grace, Healing

Price: $14.95

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