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Shop : Lazaris Series : Blendings with Lazaris : A Lazaris Blending: Beginning Anew … Opening to the Ancient One Within

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A Lazaris Blending: Beginning Anew … Opening to the Ancient One Within


A Lazaris Blending: Beginning Anew ... Opening to the Ancient One Within

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In the eyes of the Ancient Ones lie the new vistas, the new horizons, to the future. In the eyes of the Ancients, you can find the guideposts and the beacons to the magic of dominion. These eyes delight in the journey of the fool while tenderly they are bored by the antics of the foolish. They joyously dance with the lovers and compassionately grow impatient with those enamored with themselves.

The Ancients’ eyes, while entertained by the songs of the triumphant, will not countenance the ramblings of the arrogant. These eyes, seasoned with wisdom, embrace death, and yet, with loving release, they mourn the dead and grieve for the forever dying.

Oh, the eyes of the Ancients sparkle as they listen to the empowered voices, and fall gently silent in the presence of the hollow and empty ones. With these eyes, so eternally alive, the Ancients engage the wise of judgment and quietly disengage from the narrowness and blindness of the judgmental. These old eyes laugh in the presence of masterful artistry and quietly become somber, somber with sorrow, when such presence is lacking.

Upon the fool’s journey, amid the lovers’ dance, sing songs triumphantly with empowered voice. Wise judgment and masterful artistry can be yours if you will but make the choice. Through those eyes, you can see beyond death to the future, with its ever-shifting sands. In the eyes of the Ancient Ones, dominion – oh, yes, walking and talking with nature and her spirits – soon can be be at hand.
~ Lazaris
, Underlying Truth, 2000, The Year of Dominion

In this tender time with Lazaris, we can let go of our cares and worries and journey together to the Island of the Ancients, where we encounter an Ancient One, be it Grandmother or Grandfather. Looking into their eyes, it is easy to remember the love and be lifted to see beyond our current restrictions. Lazaris gently reminds us that we have the courage to leap and to let go; that we can leave the past behind in order to begin anew. As well, we can release more of who we are not and reach for and embrace more of our Truer Selves. In the Eyes of the Ancients, we can be powerful and free. And if we open the eyes of the Ancient One within us, we can leap into the Beyond, where goodness, truth and beauty are waiting in the Beyond … a beautifully peaceful and serene time with Lazaris.

from May 2017, The Year of Valuation

Music Credits
Peace Be With You, by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 6

Audio Sample

Meditation: Opening to the Ancient Within

Keywords: 2017, blending, Ancient Ones

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