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A Lazaris Blending: A Vortex of Forever


A Lazaris Blending: A Vortex of Forever

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In the chaos of the world at large and our personal worlds, this blending with Lazaris can be an oasis of healing. As we enter the silence, Lazaris wraps us in his love and reminds us of our beauty and of our commitment to our spirituality. And in a moment, we open our beings and let joy fill us. Joy is the healer … we blend our joy with Lazaris’ joy to unlock the joy of wisdom. Together, we bring a light to illuminate our shadows, the shadows of the moon, and the shadows of the world. As we honor our own boundaries, we also allow them to expand, and we expand into a vortex of forever, a portal through which we can drift into the eternal of beauty, love, truth … we drift into the timeless and eternal of who we really are. In this moment, we can allow ourselves to be fully loved, From this sacred space, we whisper what we want to create and manifest to Lazaris, and together, we “dream it loud.” A sublime and rarified blending with Lazaris that can forever change us (April 2016)

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Keywords: Blending, beauty, love, joy, healing

Price: $14.95

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