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Longevity: The Healing Technique


Longevity: The Healing Technique

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A magnificent technique from the weekend Secrets of Longevity, Clues to Immortality, Part II, this meditation can be used for healing of every sort. The chakra-oriented meditation uses color and direct visualization to concentrate healing energy in the places and ways desired. It can also help alleviate the conditions that result from what Lazaris calls “Subconscious Reflexes” — emotions such as self-pity and self-hatred spilling out of the Subconscious — and time bombs from the Unconscious that seem to go off without warning. Lazaris talks about how to use the energy for specific physical maladies, for mental disturbances in the form of errant, self-destructive or hurtful thoughts, or emotionally debilitating guilt, resentment, or shame. It is an invaluable asset for healing on every level. (1 hour)

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Meditation: Longevity / Healing Meditation

Keywords: Healing, Longevity Unconscious, Subconscious Reflexes, Time Bombs

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