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Shop : Lazaris Series : Accelerated Journey : Discovering Our Personal Strengths & Unique Powers

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Discovering Our Personal Strengths & Unique Powers


Discovering Our Personal Strengths & Unique Powers

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Our personal strengths and unique powers are critical to being able to lay down the Dark Shield, break the Dark Law, and escape our Personal Tragic Myth. For all three depend on our being able to construct a Shield of Light. Since our strengths and powers are integral elements of the Shield of Light, we need to know them, to own them, to have them be functioning powers in our day-to-day lives. Lazaris first helps us understand the Dark Shield, the Dark Law, and the Wounding of the Soul that spawn the Personal Tragic Myth. He explores the reasons we resist our strengths and powers, and how to reveal them, acknowledge them, and make them an active part of us. In the meditation we create a formula of our own personal strengths and powers, and solidify them with several techniques, including Disk and Cone Techniques and a Symbolic Garment Technique that allows us to don specific strengths or powers at will. (1 hour)

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Meditation: Creating a Personal Formula of Strengths and Powers Meditation

Keywords: Dark Shield, Dark Law, Dark Matrix, Personal Tragic Myth, Wounding of the Soul

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