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Your Future Self


Your Future Self

Product #456


This is Lazaris’ magical, yet practical, approach to discovering your Future Self and learning to work with it. Between where we are and our Higher Self, there are any number of futures that are available. The Future Self stands somewhere in that misty collection of futures.

Beginning with a discussion of how the brain, endocrine, immune, and ventricle systems “think in the future, ” Lazaris moves to a seven-step process for getting in touch with the Future Self. Lazaris talks about the seven kinds of assistance – from longevity to spontaneous miracles – that the Future Self can provide. He includes information about DNA and RNA (as containing future activity and as being motivated by the future) and a powerful meditation for meeting the Future Self. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Future Self Meditation

Keywords: Future Self, Brain Chemistry

Price: $24.95

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