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Healing: The Nature of Health, Part II


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Healing: The Nature of Health, Part II

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Suggested requisite: Healing: The Nature of Health I

Lazaris continues the exploration of the Nature of Health with a map of the body as three chakra systems (overall body, upper body, and lower body) and about how to interpret maladies in different parts of the body as they relate to these systems. He discusses the joint system, the external and internal organs, and their messages. He explores a number of specific conditions ranging from glaucoma to cancer — and includes a thorough discussion of AIDS which completely dispels any notion of bigotry toward the homosexual community. He outlines a healing process that can be fully conscious. (There is no meditation with this recording.) Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours

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Keywords: The Nature of Health, Aliveness, Life Focuses, Responsibility, Knowing, Messages of Illness, Chakra System, Tree of Life (Qabbalah), Healing Process, AIDS

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