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Ending Shame, Part III: Those Adolescent Years


Ending Shame, Part III: Those Adolescent Years

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Suggested requisites: Ending Shame, Part I (Infancy) and Ending Shame, Part II: Psychic Contracts of Pain (Childhood)

Panicked by impending adulthood, aching from the Wounding of the Soul, reeling under an intensity of emotion unknown before, the Adolescent experiences ever-deepening shame. Intense enough to alter body structures, brain chemistry, and DNA, it can affect the way we think and feel for life. Not only is there the intensity of puberty itself and the rigidity of the absolutes of adolescence, there is the identity crisis of the teenage years, and the trauma of high school. Lazaris’ discussion of the shame of the adolescent years rings with compassionate authenticity, and his meditation helps us give back the shame of judgment and abandonment and abuse that was forced on us in those years. He culminates with a process to work through the trauma of those adolescent years and to become free at last. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Meditation: Ending Shame Meditation (for the Adolescent Years)

Keywords: Shame, Wounding of the Soul, DNA, Adolescent, Divorce, Abandonment, Brain Chemistry

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