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Ending Shame, Part II: Psychic Contracts of Pain


Ending Shame, Part II: Psychic Contracts of Pain

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Suggested requisite: Ending Shame, Part I (Infancy) We often wonder where our strange “contracts” come from, and with this tape Lazaris offers both the answer and the solution. In the childhood period we develop the contracts in response to the shame dumped by parents and others who abandon or abuse us – contracts that say we’ll never be successful, that we will exonerate the abuse of adults by becoming abusive ourselves – or we will clone them altogether, and become replicas of the subhuman or superhuman parents who passed their shame along to the next generation. Finally, shame may cause the development of psychic leaks – holes in our energy fields – that may result on one end in lowered energy, to headaches, and on the other, a shortened life span. The meditation heals the pain of this Wave of Shame and puts us on a path free of the contracts that rob us of ownership of our own lives. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Meditation: Breaking Psychic Contracts of Pain Meditation (Shame II)

Keywords: Shame, Parents, Childhood Trauma, Hidden Agendas of Parenthood, Abuse, Parent / Child Competition, Contracts of Pain, Abandonment

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