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Developing & Utilizing Our Temporal Lobes


Developing & Utilizing Our Temporal Lobes

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Our Temporal Lobes functions as if they were a second set of familiar senses and as modulators to our common and unfamiliar senses, too. They modulate our emotions. With active Temporal Lobes, we can open gateways to magic and avenues to miracles; we can find new motivation with new direction and design. We can find the answers we seek. We can learn to access, develop, and utilize this magical gateway and avenue. We can use the electromagnetic energy that is all around us every day to activate and open our Temporal Lobes and to empower ourselves and our lives with new depths and heights of success and happiness. Some are born with Temporal Lobe Sensitivity (TLS) others of us develop it as adults. Lazaris explores the signs and sign posts. He discusses what we all need now for such development. He offers precise and incredibly powerful technique: Temporal Touch; Temporal Visualize & Touch; The Door and the Stranger; more. Phenomenal “Door and the Stranger” mediation included.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Door and the Stranger Meditation

Keywords: Brain; Overly Imaginative; Innate Knowing Different from World; Electromagnetic; Ear Ringing; Headaches

Price: $24.95

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