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Crystal Cave: A Healing Journey with Lazaris


Crystal Cave: A Healing Journey with Lazaris

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A beautiful gift from Lazaris, this meditation tape is for those times of beginning and those times of completing. As we are about to embark on creating some success, we can pause a moment and meet with Lazaris in the Crystal Cave that he and Peny have been working in for decades. As we have finished the processing and programming for some wonderful shift and change in our reality, we can have a private interlude with Lazaris in the Crystal Cave. There we can talk of our issues and concerns. There we can receive the loving, healing, and succeeding energies to maximize our success. There we can work with Lazaris to send those energies to those we love and to our world. With precision, step by step we make our way. Deep within the heart of a forest, deep within a crystal cave, we come to a sacred round of crystals. Within the round and beyond the pillars of crystal, Lazaris waits for us. Together we work magic. It is a beautiful gift from Lazaris.

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Meditation: Crystal Cave Meditation

Keywords: crystal, cave, "heart of forest", healing, loving, success, succeeding, Lazaris

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