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At Rainbow’s End (Evening Only)


At Rainbow’s End (Evening Only)

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This workshop was designed for those among us who are newer to working with Lazaris and who missed the earlier workshops where conscious reality creation magic was the primary focus. In this back-to-the-basics exploration, so much of our current work becomes empowered. Our magic as well as our creations/manifestations can become stunning and astounding.

It was also designed for those among us who are well seasoned in our work. We explored such magic long ago, but with all that we have learned and in all the ways we have grown and changed, our observing and measuring devices . . . the ones we used then when we first explored this magic . . . are different now. With new observation, the idea that became a truth can be understood, known, and lived in new expanded ways. Our magic and all that attends it can also become stunning and astounding.

Whether new or well seasoned, some of this journey that is both back to the basics for some and brand-new for others will involve exploring and working with the Stuff of Reality Creation, the Dark & Light Matrix, and the Fundamentals of Processing & Programming.

This evening-only recording includes a powerful meditation to begin healing our errant chemistry and mechanics that still stand in the way of our success and happiness – that still stand in the way of fully accepting that we are loved and of being more loving in the living of our lives. It includes a mind-melding with our inner child.

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Keywords: Mind-Meld with Our Inner Child, Dark Matrix, Processing & Programming

Price: $24.95

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