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Lazaris Talks with Vietnam Veterans


Lazaris Talks with Vietnam Veterans

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Several years ago a Vietnam Veteran in Silverdale, Washington, let a bookstore owner there know that there was a group of Veterans working with Lazaris tapes to try to overcome the post traumatic stress syndrome and nightmares that plagued them. Lazaris’ response was to go to Silverdale and meet with theVeterans personally, and this is the tape of that meeting. Lazaris works with the reasons why the stress of the War has not subsided for many, works with specific nightmare examples from the group’s personal experience, and explains how to create a dream to replace the nightmare. This tape was synopsized by Body, Mind & Spirit Magazine and has been used by Veteran’s groups and VA Hospitals all over the country. It offers a wealth of tools and a healing meditation — and a sweeping overview of the Veterans’ experience and a compassion for them that is unmatched. This tape can work well for anyone with post traumatic stress syndrome or recurring nightmares of traumatic events.

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Meditation: Meditation for Vietnam Veterans

Keywords: Vietnam Veterans, Nightmare Techniques, Vietnam War, healing

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