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The Essence of Creation: Touching Personal Greatness (Evening Only)


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The Essence of Creation: Touching Personal Greatness (Evening Only)

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The culminating weekend begins with a powerful overview of where we have been during this Year of Creation/Manifestation and with a clear focus on where we are going in the years to come. Lazaris suggests that to work with the Essence of Creation and with the Touch of Greatness, we first need to retrieve what we have lost of our creativity. Then we need a sense of the sweep of personal greatness, and then we need a map . . . a Map of Magic, that can guide us and that we can easily follow. During this evening portion of a phenomenal weekend, Lazaris lays out where we can find our lost creativity and he outlines the sweep of personal greatness. Using portions of each of this year’s evening discussions, Lazaris creates a stunning Map of Magic.During this evening portion, he offers us all the steps we need. The ensuing days of this quest were rich with experience and magic; they were ripe with miracles. But the recorded evening of this quest holds all the essentials to repeat the journey or to begin a new exploration in earnest. The Friday evening meditation is included in this recording.

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Meditation: Preparing to Receive the Touch of Personal Greatness

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