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Reclaiming Your Dignity and Freedom


Reclaiming Your Dignity and Freedom

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“Freedom is essential to creativity and creation.” ~ Lazaris

In our pursuit of mastering the art of creation and manifestation, we have created a foundation (“Bountiful Creation”) and a receptacle to hold our creations (“New Domain of Magic”). Now, as with any creative adventure, we need to bring something of ourselves to the project. And that “something” can be found within the realm and arena of our personal dignity and within our personal freedom. The reclaiming is our next step. During this lively discussion, Lazaris lays out the map, beginning with awareness, understanding, and knowing our human dignity and freedom, followed by facing and owning our resistance to each. The map continues with discovering and exploring personal dignity and personal freedom, reclaiming dignity and freedom, and then with discovering and exploring relinquishing/losing freedom and dignity. The map concludes with facing and owning future dignity and freedom, and with awareness, understanding, and knowing the Continuance. Lazaris points out that, as we reclaim our dignity and freedom, not only do we move closer to mastering the art of creation, we can generate new expressions of greater happiness and success, greater love with which to be loved and with which to be loving, and we can leap forward with the magic and mystery of our relationship with God / Goddess / All That Is. This inspiring evening is vibrant with hope and joy. The meditation (included) is luminous with insight and powerful with magic.

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Meditation: Reclaiming Dignity

Keywords: dignity, freedom

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