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Dominion of Innovative and Enchanted Futures


Dominion of Innovative and Enchanted Futures

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To re-enchant your life, create enchanting futures … it’s not only magical, it can be miraculous. ~ Lazaris

This recording is an exceptional working of magic with both stunning and profound impact. Lazaris first reviews the Foundation of Creativity, the Voices and Whispers of Creativity and the Tools of Creativity. Then he begins an intriguing step-by-step exploration of how to create Enchanting Futures, futures that are alive and rich with mysteries and wonders that capture our imaginations, fill our hearts, and all but overwhelm our souls.

With such magic, we can change our futures and our pasts and thus enhance our present reality. With Lazaris’ guidance, we explore our Matrix of Futures alive with Optimal and Optimum Futures, Beacon and Archetypal Futures, Pipeline and Anchoring Futures, and Destiny Futures.

Working with two powerful techniques, Circles of Focus and Prisms of the Future, we can flow our hopes and dreams and our energies of innovation into the mix of futures that can condense and precipitate as our growing, changing present reality. This recording concludes with a sweeping meditation, Creating Enchanted Futures.

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Meditation: Creating Enchanted Futures

Keywords: Futures; Matrix of Futures; Creativity; Prisms of Futures, Optimal, Destiny

Price: $24.95

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