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Discovering and Engaging the Elegance of Creating & Manifesting


Discovering and Engaging the Elegance of Creating & Manifesting

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Our work with consciously creating and co-creating can be lifted to greater levels of achievement; our resonance work can be richer with more fulfilling success and happiness. And our happiness can lift to joy and peak with ecstasy. Our desires can blossom, becoming splendid desires, as we find both richness and noble pride in the ways of living our lives. There is so much we can gain, there is so much we can garner, as we discover and then engage elegance and as we immerse ourselves in the resonance of our elegance.

Lazaris opens the evening’s discussion with a brief exploration of why elegance is so valuable and then moves into a thorough exploration of the components that comprise both our elegance and the elegance of creating: grace, beauty, dignity, dynamism, inspiration, eminence, and excellence. After this lively and fun look into the mystery of elegance, Lazaris guides us upon a powerful meditation to seek, to receive, and then to hold the gift of elegance within our hearts. The gift of elegance comes from “the hand of the divine.”

The magical meditation is followed with a step-by-step process for discovering and then for engaging this elegance in our work with creating and manifesting. It is a powerful evening; it’s a magical one.

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Meditation: Gift of Elegance

Keywords: success, elegance, manifestation, ecstasy, creation, grace, beauty

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